Is Daughter of the Burning City a stand-alone? Will you write any sequels?
There are not planned sequels to Daughter of the Burning City at this time. I cannot imagine putting my poor characters through much else! However, I have plans for many more future books, even though they aren’t set in the Gomorrah Festival.

Is Daughter of the Burning City an LGBTQIAP+ novel?
The love interest in the novel is on the asexual spectrum–demiromantic/asexual, and the main character, Sorina, is bisexual. The novel is in no way a romance, as murder and fantasy definitely take center stage, but it is still an LGBTQIAP+ read.

Is Ace of Shades part of a series?
Yes, Ace of Shades is the first installment in The Shadow Game Trilogy. The second book, King of Fools, releases on April 30, 2019.

Do you have any advice for young writers?
There is no start date or expiration date when it comes to a writing career. If you’re passionate about writing, you don’t need to wait for a degree or a certain measurement of “life experience.” If you love writing but want to focus on other parts of your life, that’s also exciting. The “when” doesn’t matter, so long as you feel fulfilled.

I work at a bookstore. Would you be interested in doing an event with us?
I would absolutely love to! Please reach out to my publicist about my events schedule. Their information is available on my Contact page.

I work at a school. Would you be interested in doing an event with us?
I am happy to give presentations or lead workshops with students. Please see my School Visits page for more information.

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