Ace of Shades Street Team

“To be frank, reader, you’d be better off not visiting the City at all.”

The City of Sin, A Guidebook: Where To Go and Where Not To

I am so, so excited to announce the members of the #ShadowGang, the ACE OF SHADES street team! When I started asking for volunteers, I honestly had no idea what to expect. I budgeted out for 75 people and crossed my fingers I’d manage even half of that. I was totally blown away by the number of sign-ups–over 200!–and I cannot thank you all enough for your enthusiasm and support. I’ve poured so much of myself into this book, and so this means the absolute world to me. I desperately wish I could’ve taken everyone, and the only reason I didn’t was because of the budget constraints. Each and every one of your sign-ups brought a smile to my face.

Everyone in the #ShadowGang will also be receiving an email in the next few days from me with some overview stuff. So gangsters, look out for that! Note that the below list is in no particular order.

And again, thank you to everyone who signed up. Seriously–thank you thank you thank you!

Irons – The Gang of Cheats

Iron Lord: Ilsa
Second: Katie Steele

Melissa Robles
Kristi Housman
Maria (@Netherreads)
Lauren Chamberlain
Shawn Hinkel
Megan Manzano
Karina Q
Moira Briggs
Liz Hollendonner
Carmen Alvarez
Gretal McCurdy
Rasia Santos
Aubrey Buck
Maja Jorgensen
Ellen Niarhos
Kristin Barnhardt
Courtney Garrison
Jo Elliot
Sierra Elmore
Amber Calkins
Karina Charlene
Kelly Barina
Jocelyne Iyare

The Scarhands – The Gang of Smugglers

Scar Lord: Elly Desmots
Second: Taylor Friedlander

Kavita C
Juliana (@blotsofink)
Gemma McGee
Filipa Oliveira
MC Varanelli
Lee-Ann Oleski
Jennifer Lucca
Troix Jackson
Carmina Divingarcia
Shannon Speed
Bailey Shrewsberry
Christina Hickey
Belle Elrich
Amanda Burt
Caitlyn Tjong
Frances Proctor
Raven Eckman
Pragati Chaudha
Diana Nava
Katie Adkins
Aditi Nichani
Jodi Christiansen
Lia (@lost_in_a_story)

The Doves – The Gang of Assassins

Dove Lord: Bri Babcock
Second: Katie Conigliaro

Regina Marese
Kaliray Arison
Robin Mason
Sabrina Glud
Lucile Vila
Dorottya Piros
Danielle Duffield
Annalise Stripoli
Kathryn Calederon
Ashley Nguyen
Hanna Vasina
Amanda Wisor
Svetlana Kromm
Savanna Ucinski
Austine Decker
Justin Turczak
Faustine Bugeaud
Megan Ziegler
Sarah Campbell
Victoria Moschou
Lori Busso
Min Trindade
Angela Basilio

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